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To create solutions for superior performance.

about vivian regina

Our focus is centered on the ability to deliver dependable, high-quality, fiberglass solutions tailored to customers' needs; to create and deliver products that greatly enhance the performance, durability and effectiveness of the solutions in which they are used.

our solutions

Our products and solutions strengthen our customers’ existing solutions in specific segments of industrial application such as:

Flexibility & customization

data-localize="homepage.title"Vivian Regina’s clients can count on full flexibility in terms of size of order volumes, quick processing times, and a high degree of customization, making it possible to cater to small, medium and large customers alike. Access to vital technical support to further customize, integrate and enhance the final customer application, solution or process.

We ship worlwide

Our products are present in more than 20 countries, across 6 continents.
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seco™ Dry-Laid Continuous Technology powers the production process of all our non-woven chemical resistant C-glass fiber dry-laid veils and combination mats. Our range of glass fiber materials provide an edge in the manufacturing of carbon and fiberglass composite parts for the automotive and mass transportation, marine, wind-power, construction and infrastructure, sports and leisure industries.

our expertise
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We supply special purpose reinforcements for a variety of end-use markets including: construction and infrastructure and other industrial applications. Our technology capabilities for supplying textile reinforcements include dry-laid non-woven surfacing veils and mats, laid glass and poly scrims and combination mats, along with pre-pregging, coating and finishing chemistry processes. We are always happy to discuss your business needs and assist you in your specific application.